For years my traveler/ expat friends and I have searched for the best coffee wherever we go in the world.  A good cup off coffee is essential for us to start the day off right and it never makes sense to settle for mediocrity when most cities and towns around the world have at least one good coffee shop or cafe.

We have tried to use Google Maps and their ratings, but when establishments like Starbucks are near the top of the lists we can immediately identify a problem.  Next we usually search for a top 10 blog list of the best coffee in the area, but often these lists are sponsored by the coffee shops listed and sometimes these lists use other criteria, like ambiance or food, as part of their ratings system.

We just wanted a basic list and map guide of establishments by city or town that simply have good coffee.  Our lists may include other features of the coffee shop or cafe like ambiance, wifi, food etc. but none of these effect the rating.

Our team is a mix of people around the world with one common bond – We just want good coffee.  No exceptions.

We hope you enjoy.

-Kevin Tracey